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New York City


March 23'




Product Designer

Heading that's a bit longer

You are nMachine’s first full time time product designer, imagining the all important look and feel of nMachines and the tools that create them.

You will work on

  • The design and UX of the platform studio web application, which is somewhere between a CAD tool and a drag-and-drop no-code editor.
  • The design and UX of the nMachine rendering engine, which turns nMachine specifications into the platforms users interact with.
  • The design and UX of the vendor portal, which acts as the app store back office for vendors distributing their applications with nMachine.
  • Graphics and branding.

You may be a fit if you

  • Enjoy being a specialist, obsessing over difficult, narrow problems.
  • Crave ownership. You are joining a founding team.
  • Have never worked for a company whose product you were not aching to show your friends.
  • Thrive in a hardcore engineering team culture.
  • Want competence and drive to be the first things people see in you.

What we're looking for

  • Entrepreneurial ownership: you can acknowledge feedback, fix mistakes, and learn from quick experimentation
  • Strong collaboration and communication: you influence product thinking through articulate design decisions
  • User advocacy: you're a voice for our users and comfortable facilitating user research with demanding users
  • Design advocacy: you want to build and evolve a design culture across the company
  • Design rigor: you can build intuitive experiences in complex domains, you're comfortable with ambiguity and asking questions
  • Hard skills: strong visual design skills, experience with Figma

Bonus Domain Experience

  • You have participated in the design of developer tools or developer-focused products.
  • You have participated in the design of low or no code editors, such as CAD tools, business process automators, or modern no-code application builders.
  • You have participated in the design of tools designed around extreme productivity in workplace environments, ideally for the enterprise.

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