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New York City


March 23'




Frontend Application Engineer

Heading that's a bit longer

You are one of nMachine’s founding frontend engineers, building out the core technology at the heart of nMachine: the low-code studio, and the engine that renders nMachines.

You will work on

  • The technical design and implementation of the platform studio web application, which is somewhere between a CAD tool and a drag-and-drop no-code editor.
  • The technical design and implementation of the nMachine rendering engine, which turns nMachine specifications into the platforms users interact with.
  • The vendor portal, which acts as the app store back office for vendors distributing their applications with nMachine.
  • Work with external cloud and service providers in building out their own nMachine Plugins.

You may be a fit if you

  • Enjoy being a specialist, obsessing over difficult, narrow problems.
  • Crave ownership. You are joining a founding team.
  • Have never worked for a company whose product you were not aching to show your friends.
  • Thrive in a hardcore engineering team culture.
  • Want competence and drive to be the first things people see in you.

Technical Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a STEM field, ideally Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related technical experience.
  • 2+ years of industry experience as a Software Engineer or Software Developer.
  • Strong Computer Science and development fundamentals, including object-oriented design, functional programming paradigms, data structures, algorithm design, and complexity analysis.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in at least one modern programming language, ideally Python, Rust, TypeScript, or Ruby.
  • Proven experience with one major frontend web development framework like React, Angular, etc...
  • Knowledge of professional software engineering and best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and operations.
  • Experience building large-scale software systems that have been successfully rolled out.

Bonus Domain Experience

  • You have experience with advanced rendering techniques for web applications like Canvas or WebGL.
  • You have experience with optimizing web applications for performance, and understand how major frameworks allocate memory and manage "threads".
  • You have experience (and opinions on) using advanced techniques like server-side rendering, micro-frontends.
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