nMachine Raises $1M for its Cloud Native Platform Engineering Studio

We are excited to announce that nMachine has raised a $1M pre-seed round led by Scribble VC (John Smothers) and Tapestry VC (Patrick Murphy & Luke Byrne), with participation from the following strategic angel investors: Chris Mairs, James Everingham, Ian Livingstone, Trace Cohen, Arya Asemanfar, Zach Holman, and Leeho Lim.

nMachine is the world’s first company to ship a full fledged no/low-code SDK that lets engineers assemble bespoke ops platforms for their cloud native infrastructure. With this funding round, we aim to polish our technology, set the highest bar for platform engineering products, and establish nMachine as the frontrunner in the nascent platform engineering market.

Tens of thousands of organizations have chosen to build their cloud applications on programmable infrastructure, namely Kubernetes. Programmable infrastructure is the successor to the AWS-era of static infrastructure, which it outperforms across the board. The problem with programmable infrastructure is that it is inherently custom to an organization. This means that in order to let developers safely operate it on a daily basis, they must first develop its matching custom instrumentation and tooling, also known as a platform.

Developing a custom platform is difficult and incredibly costly. Custom platforms represent a new software product to be designed, coded, and maintained internally. But without a good platform, or an expensive DevOps team in its place, developer productivity plummets. We know that platform excellence yields high developer productivity, because for static infrastructure, companies like Heroku offered outstanding platforms that developers clamored for. Most companies, unfortunately, cannot build their own custom Herokus internally. But what if they could?

Our goal at nMachine is to put the development of cloud ops platforms on rails, by:
  a) bringing down the cost of development tenfold, from months to days
  b) increasing the quality of platforms built from passable to outstanding

We believe that programmable infrastructure will be the dominant infrastructure technology for the decade to come, and that the only way for its companion productivity/operations technologies to keep pace, is for them to also become programmable. We are leading the move away from the Heroku-era model of infrastructure-platform bundling, towards an unbundled future, where infrastructure engineering and platform engineering are limitless in their potential to make our software better and our developers happier.

What does our pre-seed roadmap look like?

  • Filling our first critical engineering and design roles (apply here)
  • Polishing the existing SDK for safe deployment in users’ clouds
  • Building the graphical no-code editor and moving the SDK to full serverless
  • Working closely with a handful of early customers

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Xavier Millot



October 7, 2022